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skyview app small image for Windows

Get SkyView App for Windows 10 FREE Now [was $9.99]

SkyView software is used for determining the positions of the sun, moon, planets, stars and other astronomical bodies in the sky from the user’s location. It is designed to allow the observing parameters, such as date, time and location to be easily changed so that changes in an objects position in the sky can be...CONTINUE READING
f-secure safe banner

Free F‑Secure SAFE for Six Months & 3 Devices

Just two weeks ago, I shared a promo regarding F-Secure SAFE. The F-Secure Safe license you could get there was valid for one year and for 5 devices. BTW, that promo is still working. If you would like, you can try the other one promo of F-Secure SAFE. [READ: BITDEFENDER TOTAL SECURITY 2018 FREE 6...CONTINUE READING
Finebits AppPack banner

Finebits AppPack for FREE @ Microsoft Windows Store [was 37,49€]

Finebits AppPack provides full access to the Finebits app library and many additional opportunities. You get access to the following: • PRO versions of all apps by Finebits; • PRO versions of new Finebits products free of charge! • Early access to new apps at beta phase; The Metro Commander file manager became one of...CONTINUE READING