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Amador App Builder app FREE Download @MicrosoftStore – was $20

Amador App Builder app banner

Amador App Builder by Amador Software, LLC allows you to build your own App without programming.


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  • Amador App Builder allows you to create your own App without programming.
  • Page Designer is used to create custom data entry pages. Transactions can be printed and exported to other programs or web APIs.
  • Menu Designer is used to create custom menus and sub-menus including which menu items are available, what they do, and the size, shape, color, etc. of each menu item.
  • Menu buttons can perform actions such as phone calls, launching a web page, launching a custom page, launching another app, or activating one of many built-in tools.
  • Built-in tools include a barcode scanner, barcode based product lookup / price checker, barcode renderer, text to speech, speech to text, text file editor, and file encryption.
  • Built-in tools include unit conversions, timespan calculator, voice controlled stopwatch, dictate and speak back with a different selected voice.
  • Built-in tools include a “Hex Calculator” for mixed binary, octal, decimal, and hex arithmetic, OCR tool, Hex File Editor.
  • Menus can also be controlled by voice commands.
  • The App includes extensive context sensitive help text and optional spoken help.
  • You can encrypt your own secret information with an unlimited number of private keys (i.e. passwords). Share these encrypted files and disclose certain password to certain persons.
  • You can easily stage comical or educational spoken dialogs between you and your computer or phone using your own set of custom rules.
  • Using one simple page, capture an image with your camera, convert to text (OCR), and speak the text. In other words, point the camera at a page and “read to me”.
Amador App Builder
Amador App Builder
Developer: Amador Software, LLC
Price: $19.99 Free
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
  • Amador App Builder Screenshot
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