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The First Month with The Samsung Galaxy Note8 [Part One]

samsung galaxy note8 beside the box with accessories

I have been with Samsung Galaxy Note8 for almost a month and this is the best smartphone I have ever used. Its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Note 7 set a milestone of being bezelless smartphone for other phones. Because of faulty battery, Samsung had to callback millions of Note 7. There is a difference, by the way, of home button which Note 7 had but Note8 not. Well there are other difference too but those ain’t matter anymore.

I received my Samsung Galaxy Note8 on September 15, 2017. My heart was beating like drum. I held the box and I knew there was the beast hiding inside the box. I opened the box and found Note8 shined like moon. No, I did not turned it on instantly but put it on charging.

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The bezelless, home-buttonless, perfect selfie camera, dual camera at the back with dual optical image stabilizer, Super AMOLED 6,3″ or 101.1CM2, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 1440 x 2960 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio (521 ppi density), IRIS scanner and lots of other features made this Samsung Galaxy Note8 the best phone in the market.

The new in the market coming soon is iPhone X. This time, Apple decided to use AMOLED screen for their latest flagship X phone. Looking at the specs, it is quite clear that iPhone X falls on the back benches. The AMOLED technology has been used by Android vendors for years. Yes! iPhone X is the first phone from Apple in iPhone history to use the AMOLED screen which is far superior to LCD which has been used on all previous iPhones.

I was reading Wired today. Saw a post by Steven Levy. Well, he called Google Pixel 2 XL a frying pan. I did not expect him commenting like a kid. These type of technology writers (gurus?) just praise Apple anytime just for lollipop. When first big screen Samsung Galaxy Note came in the market, iPhone screen size was like a toddler in front of grownup man. At that time, writers like Steven called Note very big phone and difficult to handle. But when couple of years ago Apple released big screen phones, these guys were just licking own spit by praising Apple for big screen. The one site with word genius in their name always sits in Apple’s lap even without any reason.

You might be thinking I hate Apple. No it is not true. I just want to give the credits where are due.

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