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F‑Secure SAFE FREE for One Year & 5 Devices


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Finnish security vendor is working hard to reach everybody’s computer and smart devices. To do so, they are with promos, every month. Just a couple of weeks ago, there was six month promo of F-Secure SAFE. This time the promo is complete one year for F-Secure Safe. You should not miss it.

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  • VIRUS PROTECTION: Keep your devices safe from viruses, malware and spyware that try to steal personal information.
  • BROWSING AND BANKING PROTECTION: Shop and bank online, while keeping your bank details and passwords safe from hackers.
  • FAMILY PROTECTION: Protect your whole family by blocking websites you don’t want your kids to see and set limits on screen time.
  • REMEMBERS YOUR PASSWORDS: Includes F-Secure KEY Premium which creates unique passwords and uses auto-fill* to make signing in quicker and easier.
  • ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION: Lets you locate, lock and wipe your IOS or Android device remotely (wiping all your photos and contact info), if it goes missing.
  • APP SCANNER: Scans all apps on your Android mobile or tablet and lets you know which apps are invading your privacy.

F‑Secure SAFE promo is valid for one year. You can register upto 5 devices in one account. The supported operating systems are Android, Mac OS X and Windows (7, 8, 10). You do not need any credit/debit/bank card at all. In fact, there is no money transferring hands at all. Just remember to use new email for this promo. Using other email already registered with F-Secure in some other promo will give you nothing but some notice of expiration.

CLICK HERE to go F‑Secure SAFE promo page, fill the form to create new account. If you already have account, just login. Confirm your account in your email. Log in your F-Secure account and just that. Now you have full one year (364 days) of F-Secure SAFE for five devices.

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You may see Virgin Mobile ads on the promo page of F-Secure SAFE, but worry not. This promo is not country limited. You can access right now from anywhere in the world.

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