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Android Icon Pack “UX Experience S8” FREE at GooglePlay

Android Icon Pack UX Experience S8 banner

Android gives the freedom which smart device users have always been dreaming. You can use it freely for whatever purposes you want. There is no string attached. Of course, it has limitations but still the features and facilities it provides are hundred times more than any competitor. One freedom of Android, which iOS copied shamefully, is skin. You can create skin by yourself or get it from hundreds of vendors and apply it to Android device. That’s right. Now your device has different layout. Android icon pack UX Experience S8 is one of many hundreds skins available on Google Play.

UX Experience S8 is free for time being. You can get it now. But to use it you will need a launcher and it is compatible with many famous launchers. A list of Android launchers, which are compatible including Nova Launcher and Go Launcher, is given below.

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UX Experience S8 Android icon pack follows Samsung Galaxy S8 aesthetic lead. This app is still in beta, and developers are promising weekly updates. if you find any glitch or malfunctioning, shout out at Google Play. Let the developer know what they did wrong.


• 340+ inspired icons
• Galaxy S8 official cloud based wallpapers (QHD resolution)
• XXHDPI icon 192×192 pixel
• Dynamic calendar support
• Support Muzei
• icons divided into categories with the possibility to search
• Help section with FAQs
• Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer
• Icon request for send email to developer with missing icons

Permissions Required!


• Nova Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Apex
• Atom
• Aviate
• CM Theme Engine
• Go Launcher
• LG Home 
• Smart Launcher

UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack
UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack
Developer: le0maz
Price: $0.99
  • UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack Screenshot
  • UX Experience S8 - Icon Pack Screenshot
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